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Kensington Primary School

Kensington Primary School

Friends of Kensington

We are a growing group of parents of children attending Kensington Primary School. Parents have the choice to attend on a regular basis or occasionally. There is a very warm and friendly feel to the group. The lovely and relaxed atmosphere allows parents to discuss all types of issues arising – general as well as specific – over coffee mornings.

Meetings are generally held about two to three times a term; dates of these are adjustable depending on the availability of most parents. We are always looking to recruit new parents through word of mouth and the weekly school newsletter as we believe there is value in the contribution of all parents and carers.

As a group, our main aim is to help raise money to continuously improve the school. Through these informal meetings we discuss fund raising ideas, implement them and then promote them throughout each term with parents, children and teachers participation. We are always looking to draw on the skills and knowledge of our parents and use these to identify fresh fund raising ideas. If you are interested in attending and meeting other parents to share a common interest in your child’s education do come to our meetings.

The group is hosted by the school’s Pastoral Support Officer Mrs Mudhar.

Impact to date:

So far we have raised funds using the following methods and these have been very successful.

  • The Golden Ticket (Raffle)
    Funds collected: £320.00
  • Kensington Coin Challenge
    Funds collected: £104.00
  • Self-portrait Tea Towels
    Funds collected: £625.00
  • Ofsted Outstanding Logo
  • Music Mark
  • Sainsburys School Games 14/15
  • RE Quality Bronze
  • Bronze Star 2016
  • Eco-Schools Bronze Award
  • Eco-Schools Silver Award
  • SSAT Educational Outcomes 2016