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Kensington Primary School

Kensington Primary School

Parent Gym- New course starts Tuesday 5th November 2024 @ 9am

We run parenting courses throughout the year, the aim of which is to give you some helpful tips on how to help your child thrive. Please see below or ask us for more details.


'It’s with great pleasure I am writing to you this grateful note to say Thank you! Thank you is not enough for those few weeks we have to spend in your parenting gym.'

'Now I am more close to my two children more than ever and the sister bond is more stronger too. Because of you I discover that love and time that family need not money to discipline my child.'

'Please show my note to your superior not to stop Parent gym, its helped a lot of parents to create a bond between parents and their children or family. Thank you! I have all the tools, techniques now thanks to you and all the members of your department.'


“ I attended Parent Gym sessions and found them extremely useful. Not only to help my son, but also for myself as I noticed more confidence growing within myself, which enabled me to ask and answer questions.'

'The sessions were filled with a lot of useful information and her ability to explain things made it very clear and easy for me to understand and apply.'

'I am hoping they have more sessions on different topics/issues that I’d like to attend.  Over all an excellent teacher, very helpful and kind.'


“Parent Gym- As the name indicates, this is a program meant more to mould and counsel parents than kids.

I am very glad that Kensington Primary School has taken this initiative to run these sessions for parents like me who found parenting a difficult task.

As a mother of two girls aged 8 and 4, I always found myself confused and irritated by their behaviour. I always thought they were stubborn and disobedient. But the very first session has changed my opinion. I realised that the problem was my attitude and behaviour rather than that of my kids.

With each session, I learned simple tips like praising them and appreciating their good deeds which completely changed the way we felt about each other. I am very thankful to my instructor/guide who made sessions very interesting and interactive. I am very grateful for all the support she gave to me in dealing with my kids.

In short, Parent Gym made me feel parenting is a responsibility and yet an enjoyable experience. I’d recommend every parent to attend these sessions and benefit from it’s tips to easy and joyful parenting.”

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