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Kensington Primary School

Kensington Primary School

Feedback from Parents

200 parents completed our ParentView survey during 2019/2020. 


Strongly Agree or Agree

Disagree or Strongly Disagree

Don't know

My child is happy at school




My child feels safe at school




The school makes sure its pupils are well behaved




My child has been bullied and the school dealt with the bullying quickly and effectively




The school makes me aware of what my child will learn during the year




When I have raised concerns with the school they have been dealt with properly




My child has SEND, and the school gives them the support they need to succeed




The school has high expectations for my child




My child does well at this school




The school lets me know how my child is doing




There is a good range of subjects available to my child at this school




My child can take part in clubs and activities at this school 93% 3% 4%
The school supports my child’s wider personal development 90% 1% 9%

 Would you recommend this school to another parent?





As always, we want to continue the improvement at Kensington. As a result of the feedback, we will be:

Bullying and exclusion by peers

  • Anti-bullying week
  • Sports leaders trained to support children and resolve disputes at play time and lunch time.
  • New equipment in the playground
  • Increased number of adults on duty at play time and lunch time.
  • External workshops to explain about bullying to children.
  • Parent training on key areas e.g. online safety.

Parents playing an active part

  • Further development of Friends of Kensington.
  • Curriculum training sessions for parents – Phonics, Maths etc.
  • Development of website and weekly newsletter to provide more timely, high quality information for parents.
  • Increased performances – Diwali, Guru Nanak, Christmas Carols, Nativity etc – for parents to attend.
  • Healthy Living Afternoon with parents to promote healthy living lifestyle.
  •  Development of homework to encourage greater collaboration and opportunities for discussion between parents and children.

We will continue to gather feedback throughout the year and feed this into our overall planning for the school to adapt and improve wherever we see opportunities.

If you would like to give your views you can do this on the ParentView website, which is administered by OFSTED.

Some quotes from our parents:

  • I think this school is amazing
  • The school is really organised and the children helping are very good. I will recommend other parents to this school
  • Very happy with positive feedback from teacher
  • Very informative
  • Today gave me a good insight to what my child is doing, where he needs to improve. It was really helpful. Thanks to all the teachers

Thank you very much for your continued support.

Feedback from Year 3 ‘Alice in Wonderland’ performance FEBRUARY 2020 

“Very good performance, well done to the teachers who organized this event. They put all their hard work and all the children were performing well. Keep it up!”  

“Very good show. We enjoyed it a lot and the tea party was also very nice”
“Brilliant Performance. Full of confidence, well directed and very enjoyable. Thank you!”
“The play acted out by the children was incredible. The children were confident. I  thank the teachers for their efforts.”

Learn with your child: Emotional health workshop January 2020 

“A very good session. I had a lovely time talking about emotions with my child.”

“Thank you for holding these workshops. It is a good way to learn with my child.”
“It was a very good session. Great to know that children are learning bout emotional health.”

Learn with your child: Healthy eating workshop December 2019  

 “This is a brilliant session. Next time I am expecting to visit the healthy eating fair in this school.” 

“It was interactive for the kids so that they learn what they can have on their plates.”
“The session was very informative. It tells us about the portion of meal the kids should have.”
“A fun activity and also informative. Kids are learning to understand food better. We need more of this.”

Learn with your child: Out door learning workshop November 2019  

 “A fun way of learning for both kids and parents. We also enjoyed fresh air at the park. I would be happy to be involved in similar activities in the future.”

“ It was really useful for them. They learn counting, multiplication and lots of things from it.”

“ It is very new to me and great to work along with my child.”

“Children had a good time learning, A new way of learning. We enjoyed it a lot.”

“Good to be out and learn with real life materials. We both enjoyed the interaction a lot.”

Learn with your child: Physical Health workshop October 2019 

 “This is a good idea to develop kids health and education. I enjoyed ita lot with my child. I will do it at home too. Thanks.” 

“This was a good experience. I learned a valuable information on the effect of physical exercise on emotional health.”
“This was really good fun. It was great to do activities with my child, even I had good exercise!”

“ Physically good, really good for the children. Thanks for inviting us to learn about the activity. Thanks.”


  • Tapscott Learning Trust
  • Ofsted Outstanding Logo
  • Mental Health GOLD
  • EAL GOLD Quality Mark
  • IQM Flagship School
  • RE Quality Mark Gold
  • Professional Development QM
  • Newham Changemaker
  • Music Mark
  • Primary Geography Quality Mark
  • Primary Science Quality Mark
  • Autism Education Trust
  • Teach Active Ambassador
  • School Games
  • Artsmark Silver Award
  • Eco-Schools
  • Stonewall Education Champion
  • TES2020 Wellbeing winner
  • Pearson Gold Winner - Primary of the Year
  • Pearson Silver Award - Excellence in SEN