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Kensington Primary School

Kensington Primary School

Feedback from Parents

300 parents completed our ParentView survey at our October 2017 Parents' Evening. 


Strongly agree or agree

Don't know

My child is happy at school



My child feels safe at school



My child makes good progress at this school



My child is well look after at this school



My child is taught well at this school



My child receives appropriate homework for their age



This school makes sure its pupils are well behaved



This school is well led and managed



This school deals effectively with bullying



This school responds well to any concerns I raise



I receive valuable information from the school about my child’s progress



As always, we want to continue the improvement at Kensington. As a result of the feedback, we will be:

Bullying and exclusion by peers

  • Anti-bullying week
  • Sports leaders trained to support children and resolve disputes at play time and lunch time.
  • New equipment in the playground
  • Increased number of adults on duty at play time and lunch time.
  • External workshops to explain about bullying to children.
  • Parent training on key areas e.g. online safety.

Parents playing an active part

  • Further development of Friends of Kensington.
  • Curriculum training sessions for parents – Phonics, Maths etc.
  • Development of website and weekly newsletter to provide more timely, high quality information for parents.
  • Increased performances – Diwali, Guru Nanak, Christmas Carols, Nativity etc – for parents to attend.
  • Healthy Living Afternoon with parents to promote healthy living lifestyle.
  •  Development of homework to encourage greater collaboration and opportunities for discussion between parents and children.

We will continue to gather feedback throughout the year and feed this into our overall planning for the school to adapt and improve wherever we see opportunities.

If you would like to give your views you can do this on the ParentView website, which is administered by OFSTED.

Some quotes from our parents:

  • I think this school is amazing
  • The school is really organised and the children helping are very good. I will recommend other parents to this school
  • Very happy with positive feedback from teacher
  • Very informative
  •  Today gave me a good insight to what my child is doing, where he needs to improve. It was really helpful. Thanks to all the teachers

Thank you very much for your continued support.

british science week 2018 

"Lovely idea to spend the time with our kids at school. My daughter really enjoyed it and so did I." 

"This is an amazing workshop. It gives me some nice idea to try at home with my child. Thank you."
"It is always a pleasure to come in and watch what the kids are learning."
"It was good but it would have been better, was the same activity for Nursery, Reception, Year 1 and Year 2."
"Should have different things for each year and should have teachers explain the science methods to children."
"Very good. A fun way of engaging with science. Children & adults had fun."

Healthy living afternoons 

 "Very interactive and fun workshop for both parents and children." 

"Wonderful afternoon with lots of great ideas and information. Thank you Kensington for organising this!"
"Coach was doing really hard work to provide the best training to kids. School should provide more & more sports club for kids even during holidays whether paid or not."
"Very usefull and fun experience with my son and other kids also. Just love it."

parents' evening - february 2018 

 "I am very pleased with the way the parents’ evening has gone. All staff have been helpful and polite." 

"I am very happy with my child’s teacher, she is amazing."
"Great parents’ meeting."
"Amazing meeting. We love it."
"It was good. The little helpers were polite and helpful. Teachers feedback was helpful."
"Was informative and constructive Found it very useful, especially advice for the SATs exam in May."

EYFS Nativity - december 2017 

 "Lovely performance, children were very confident." 

"Very well organised and excellent work from the children."
"Really enjoyed the play. Everyone did well."
"It was fantabulous programme. All the children performed fantastically."
"Lovely performance. Children were very confident. Just a shame it was too crowded. Thank you for all the hard work that the staff put in."

Year 1 guru nanak's birthday assembly - november 2017 

 "I thoroughly enjoyed all the performances. The children did so well." 

"It was simply awesome."
"Excellent performance by year 1. Well done to all!! Thank you to all the staff for organising this."
"Very impressed by the children. I really enjoyed it."

Year 4 diwali assembly - october 2017 

 "Super effort by everyone. Thank you!" 

"A great performance, well-rehearsed and great to watch."
"Superb play. Appreciated the effort of teachers and children."
"Amazing, 10 and of 10!"

Year 5 EID assembly - may 2017 

 "Don't have a child in Year 5, but the performance was absolutely amazing." 

"We enjoyed a lot. I wan to thank Kensington school for this type of programme. It was amazing!"
"Very fantastic performance. Thank you, teachers for encourage children to understand their religion and culture."
"A big thumbs up for the teachers for their hard work and the children. It was fabulous!"
" 'AMAZING' in one word. Hats off to choreographers."

Year 3 easter assembly - march 2017 

 "Brilliant performance. Nice to see every single child performing." 

"Excellent performance!"
"It was amazing. I really love it. Well done to all kids and teachers, you were fantastic. Congratulations!"

science week - march 2017 

 "It was very interesting, well organized and I have learnt about science from children." 

"Very good workshop. My daughter and I learnt some interesting science facts. She enjoyed lava lamp."
"Brilliant way to spend time with kids - as much educational, as fun. Great idea, well done!"
"Realy fantastic. Very good motivation for the pupils. I think every year it should be like this - doing different experiments."
"Great to see the children taking the lead!"
"Magnetic, illuminating, on the pulse and most of all scrumptious!"

world book week - february 2017 

 "Very interesting and entertaining, admiring kids imagination." 

"Great story, very entertaining for children."

Maths course - february 2017-march2017 

"Very informative introductory class to maths." 

"The session was very useful. I am looking forward for the rest of the course."
"It's amazing to see how parents/teachers and children work together to make this school an amazing place to be. Very good, comfortable and friendly atmosphere." 
"The maths subject was really interesting. Want to learn bit more about how to do multiplication and tables."
"Learnt lots of strategies. Looking forward to next sessions."
"I learnt so many tricks to teach my child. Thanks a lot."
"Informative and helpful, but need more handouts."
"After attending these sessions I knew how maths is joyful subject and how to make my child enjoy maths."

Parents' evening - february 2017 

Y4 parent – "Thank you very much for the effort. We are very proud parents to be educated within your school." 

Y4 parent – "Parents' evening went well. My children are happy and the staff is fantastic. Thank you. Good luck!"
Nursery parent – "It's amazing to see how parents/teachers and children work together to make this school an amazing place to be. Very good, comfortable and friendly atmosphere." 
Y2 parent – "Very well done! Kensington is best! We as parents are very happy with everything at and in school."
Y3 parent – "My child loves her class, her teacher and the school."
Year 6 – "Well done to Kensington."
Year 5 - "Excellent. Very happy about my son progress. The teacher explained everything clearly. Thank you."

Chinese new year - family week - 2017 

Y2 parent – "It was fun to work with children and help them. I really enjoyed all activity. I would like to come again." 

Y1 parent – "I saw first time this type of event about Chinese New Year. It's really, really enjoyable and informative, I appreciate this effort. "
Reception parent – "Very interesting. Colourful. Came to learn more about Chinese traditions and language. Thanks. Happy New Year." 
Y4 parent – "A very well organised day, it was a great opportunity to enjoy time with my child in the class. Thank you for everything. Great job and good luck." 
Y4 parent – "Had a very lovely time helping Zainab design her things. Felt very welcome and it's great getting the time to spend with Zainab."
Year 6 – "We enjoyed it (very fun) we loved the activity. Happy Chinese Year!"


Christmas shows 2016 

Y4 parent – thought the whole show was well presented- very talented children and a great job from the teachers- looking forward to the Easter Show.

Y5 parent – "Nice to see every single child performing to their best."
Y3 parent – "A very well-rehearsed play, pupils did excellent , a pleasure to watch and participate. Thank you."
Reception parent – "Awesome, mind blowing, lovely Angel’s. Appreciate teachers for hard work."
Nursery parent – "It was a pleasure to watch them."
Year 6 parent – "Really inspiring to all and really deserving. Well Done!"
Reception – "It’s amazing the way kids were trained to do the play at such small age. It was wonderful!"

Parent's evening - 19th & 20th October 2016 

'We are extremely pleased with the progress that our girls are making. Thank you to all the teachers/staff for their continued hard work and support.'
'I’m very happy about my son’s progress in school. The school and school council children are well organised. Nice to speak with the class teacher. Thank you'
'The teachers were very helpful and understanding'
'Well organised evening. Lovely to see the children playing a central part.'
'It was brilliant!'
'Wonderful experience.'
'The workshops were very informative.'
'Very good and useful with many opportunities to learn about the school.'
'It is a well-planned and organised event.'
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  • Music Mark
  • RE Quality Bronze
  • Bronze Star 2016
  • TES School Award
  • Primary Geography Quality Mark
  • Primary Science Quality Mark
  • SSAT Educational Outcomes 2016
  • Autism Education Trust
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  • IQM centre of excellence
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