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Kensington Primary School

Kensington Primary School

Summer Learning

Throughout the summer holidays, it is important that we all rest and reflect on what has been a very ‘different’ school year. Despite the various challenges we have all faced during the partial closure of the school, it is important to focus on the amazing things that have happened. We know that families have coped brilliantly; they have set good routines; enjoyed quality time together; engaged with the home learning provision; confident with visiting outside spaces and being more and more active! At the very least we would like these family ‘successes’ of lockdown to continue into the summer weeks…

Below you will find some guidance on learning activities your children could also be doing throughout the summer weeks, to ensure they are ready for the transition into their new year group. To support you with setting fun and exciting learning activities, our staff have put together an overview of things children could be doing over the holiday. Children can do as much or as little as they want, although we strongly recommend all children take on the Summer Reading Challenge. We will be discussing all the amazing summer learning your child has done in class when we return in September. For children in Year 5 who will be going into Year 6, we will be continuing to use Google Classroom over the summer to provide guidance around summer learning that will support the transition into year 6!

The priority for us is for children to return to us healthy and happy on Monday the 7th of September. We recommend you think carefully about the activities you have really enjoyed over the last few months, repeat these throughout the summer and engage wherever you can with the summer learning resources. Have a great summer!

Family Fun

This summer holiday will be very different with uncertainty around, what places will be open and what activities families can do. Try and focus on the positives. Celebrate the fact that you have this summer to spend together and create wonderful memories. Here are some ideas for you to try as a family. We have also attached the latest e-zine from Children’s University, packed with ideas and activities the whole family can enjoy!

  • Create an enchanted garden around a tree trunk in the garden or plant pot in the house. Use fairy lights, flowers or anything magical you can find.
  • Organize toys or clothes into 'keep, ditch or share' (a good way to teach children to give in charity). Have a look for local clothes banks, you can donate them to.
  • Create a scrapbook of memories, you can include childhood photos, drawings, special items.
  • Have a restaurant night at home, you can create a menu, decorate the table and take turns to serve the food.
  • Art attack afternoons. You can all draw/paint an item and then have your own art displayed at home.
  • Have a dance off or your own mini concert.
  • Family quiz nights.
  • Your own mini sports afternoons with obstacle course, challenges and mini prizes.

Plan this together as a family, what activities or projects would everyone like to do and put the dates in the calendar. It gives you all something to look forward to and makes it feel more special.

More ideas…‚Äč

Activities around calming strategies

Newham's Online Councelling website - Your Online Mentall Wellbeing Comunity

Places to visit during the summer break

Newham Council will be offering children and young people an exciting programme of fun activities and events seven days a week. 

Activities include roller-skating, football coaching, arts, music and completing a reading challenge; all in a safe, socially-distanced way. It’s free and a digital map is being created to help everyone find out what’s happening and where. 

Local Foodbank and services available over the summer

Name of centre

Address and contact details

Days available


Who can access this?

Churches Food bank

Woodgrange Baptist, 345 Romford Road, Forest Gate E7 8AA

 020 8555 9880

Thursday 13:00-15:00


This food bank serves the people of Newham. People need a referral from an agency such as a school, advice centre or GP.

The Renewal Programme – RAMP

395 High street North Manor Park E12 6PG

 020 8471 6954

Monday to Friday 10:00-16:00




Newham residents who are refugees or migrants, including those with no recourse to public funding.

Helping Hands

42 Balaam Street Plaistow E13 8AQ

020 7474 1122

Monday to Friday 9:00-17:00

Free sandwiches


Bonny Downs community centre

18 Darwell Close Off Flanders Road East Ham E6 6BT

0208 586 7070

Tuesday and Thursday 10.00am-4.00pm

Food bank

Neighbourhood shoppers

Emergency relief parcels

Newham residents

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