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Kensington Primary School

Kensington Primary School

Learn with your child

Each term we are delighted to invite you to join your children in a series of fun and interactive activities to find out more about what your children are learning and our new and improved curriculum: Curriculum K . Please watch out for upcoming sessions in our weekly newsletter. 

Our trust (TTLT) has a YouTube channel, here you can find  videos on the parent platform made just for you - to help you support your child’s learning. TTLT Home learning channel and TTLT EYFS Home Learning Support‚Äč

2023-2024 'Learn with Your Child' parent workshop schedule

Date Session Who Where
12th October 2023 Maths Mr Boobier Main Hall
21st November 2023 English/Reading Ms Jubin Main Hall
1st February 2024 Science Miss Lobo Main Hall
7th March 2024 Technology Mr Shamji Main Hall
25th April 2024 Communication Ms Patel Main Hall
13th June 2024 Culture Mrs Shamji Main Hall

1st Learn with Your Child session: Active Maths

Our first learn with your child session was a huge success! Over 120 parents joined their children to take part in an active maths lesson, which is our new and improved approach to teaching maths. Active Maths teams physical activity with learning so that your children can learn key skills and knowledge whilst getting fit and keeping healthy. Your children will now take part in increased opportunities to move more during their maths lessons and every other week they will take part in one maths lesson outside of their classrooms. This style of teaching is inline with the latest research that shows increased physical activity improves concentration and learning.

Active Maths at home

If you would like to get more active with your children at home, whilst helping them to improve their understanding of  maths check out the following links and ideas.


· Move to multiples – chant times tables whilst hopping or jumping

· Go on a number hunt around the local area

· Count in 1s, 2s or even 8s whilst skipping

· Add or subtract one more or ten less to door numbers you pass whilst on a walk

· Hide maths questions in a green space for you children to find and answer

Keep an eye on our school website for more ideas on how your children can get active whilst learning maths.

Our next ‘Learn with your child’ session is on Monday 30th September and will focus on outdoor learning. This will equip you with more ideas about how you can help your children to learn whilst playing outside.

2nd Learn with Your Child session: Outdoor Learning

Parents and pupils engaged in a wide range of maths and English learning activities in the biggest classroom in East Ham: Plashet Park!

Some comments from parents were:

-"children can come closer to nature, a more practical way of learning."

-"a whole new way of learning which children are enjoying."

-"simple and effective activities - we can even do these in the back garden." 


3rd Learn with Your Child session: Physical Health

A big thank you for taking part in our Physical Health Parent Workshop. Over 50 parents from across the school participated in our new approach in teaching Physical Health and made the session a huge success.

During the session we highlighted how physical health improves our overall well -being physically as well as mentally.  Most importantly how it can improve concentration and learning within the classroom which has a positive effect on academic progress.

We shared a wide range of activities that can also be practised at home. Here are a few suggestions: Skipping, hula hoops, riding a bike, playing football, walking, jumping jacks and scooting. 

Here are some of the thoughts from the parents that attended:

 “Good experience, I learned valuable information on effects on physical exercise and emotional health”

“I agree that physical health is  good for children so a very good idea!”

“Thank you for creating awareness about physical health. All the exercises are really useful for the children. Today’s workshop will benefit the children.”

‘Physical activity is not only one of the most important keys to a healthy body, it also helps keep a healthy mind.’







4th Learn with Your Child session: Health Science

On 13th November over 50 parents/carers attend our Health Science workshop to learn all about digestion. Our children and their grownups made a model of the digestive system to help them learn about what happens to the food we eat. The workshop – led by Mr Poulton – was a great success and both the children and their parents/carers had great fun.

“A fantastic practical session. The children were very engaged and we all had fun.”

“ It was an interesting session, which made us curious about how we can learn interesting things about our bodies whilst playing.”

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  • Ofsted
  • Mental Health GOLD
  • EAL GOLD Quality Mark
  • IQM Flagship School
  • RE Quality Mark Gold
  • Professional Development QM
  • Newham Changemaker
  • Music Mark
  • Primary Geography Quality Mark
  • Primary Science Quality Mark
  • Autism Education Trust
  • Teach Active Ambassador
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  • Healthy Schools
  • Artsmark Silver Award
  • Eco-Schools
  • Stonewall Education Champion
  • TES2020 Wellbeing winner
  • Pearson Gold Winner - Primary of the Year
  • Pearson Silver Award - Excellence in SEN