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Kensington Primary School

Kensington Primary School


PE is very important at Kensington because it helps the children stay physically active, develop interests in different types of physical activity, and improve teamwork. We provide opportunities for the children to acquire and develop, and use and apply, a range of sporting skills. This will help them to improve focus during lessons and develop academic performance.

Here at Kensington we also compete at many different inter and intra school competitions across different schools in Newham, including Tag Rugby, tri golf, Newham mini games, plus many more. 

PE is a vital area of the National Curriculum and we expect all children to take part in PE sessions on a regular basis and develop their skills. Children participate in two PE lessons a week. We also provide a range of sporting opportunities before, during and after school.

On PE days, your child is required to come to school dressed in their PE kit instead of wearing the school uniform. The purpose of this is to maximise the teaching and learning time and ensure pupils are prepared and ready for PE, mentally as well as physically.


We aim to provide every opportunity for our pupils to be active and to take part in every PE session. We expect all the pupils to wear the school’s recommended PE kit which is a white t-shirt/top, navy or black jogging bottoms and black plimsols. However, if this is a temporary barrier for any pupil/s taking part in the PE session, then they may wear any sporty/suitable/colour clothing/footwear, including tracksuits, shorts, trousers and suitable top.

PE Timetable 2018-19


Y1N = Tuesday, Thursday

Y1O = Tuesday, Thursday

Y1E = Wednesday, Thursday

Y2S = Tuesday, Wednesday  

Y2P = Tuesday, Friday

Y2K = Tuesday, Friday

Y3Si = Tuesday, Thursday

Y3S = Tuesday, Thursday

Y3C = Tuesday, Wednesday

Y4L = Monday,Thursday

Y4S = Monday,Thursday

Y4P = Monday,Thursday

Y5M = Monday, Thursday (swimming)

Y5G = Monday, Friday


Y6P = Tuesday, Wednesday

Y6B = Tuesday, Wednesday


  • Tapscott Learning Trust
  • Ofsted Outstanding Logo
  • Music Mark
  • RE Quality Bronze
  • Bronze Star 2016
  • TES School Award
  • Primary Geography Quality Mark
  • Primary Science Quality Mark
  • SSAT Educational Outcomes 2016
  • Autism Education Trust
  • School Games
  • Artsmark Silver Award
  • Eco-Schools
  • IQM centre of excellence
  • AfA Logo
  • Stonewall Education Champion