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Kensington Primary School

Kensington Primary School

TTLT Aims & Vision


We work in partnership towards our vision, values and aims and support schools to develop their unique characteristics and adaptations so they can meet the needs of their communities. We also work in partnership with other schools and organisations, to impact on the development of the wider education sector.


We empower our children through education, supporting healthy lifestyles and creating joyful learning environments, to set them on the path to happy, successful lives.


Whole Child Education: We believe in an education that encompasses not only academic excellence but also promotes physical, emotional, and social well-being.

Love of Learning: We create environments and opportunities that inspire engagement, excitement and a love of learning for our children, teams and communities.

Health: We prioritise the health and well-being of our children, teams and communities, recognising the link between this and our success in all areas.

Inclusivity: We embrace diversity and create an inclusive community where everyone is valued, respected, and supported.

Working Together: We know the power of working in partnership to achieve the best outcomes for all children.


We will:

  • Make certain that all children are the cornerstone of our Trust and have an effective voice
  • Ensure safeguarding is paramount and consistently applied in all schools and settings
  • Promote and celebrate equality, diversity and inclusivity for all
  • Guarantee our schools offer a broad and balanced curriculum, allowing our children to access opportunities and experiences
  • Invest in our people so they are successful and deliver the best education for our children
  • Through education, support healthy lifestyles and create joyful learning environments to set all children on the path to happy and successful lives
  • Form a platform for other schools and organisations with similar visions and values to join us for the mutual improvement of education
  • Work in partnership with other schools, Trusts and organisations as part of our wider commitment to the development of the education sector
  • Ensure that the Trust is wholly self-sufficient and operationally secure: with a community-led focus, local accessibility and transparency
  • Ensure effective governance at all levels offering excellent challenge and strategic support
  • Tapscott Learning Trust
  • Ofsted
  • Mental Health GOLD
  • EAL GOLD Quality Mark
  • IQM Flagship School
  • RE Quality Mark Gold
  • Professional Development QM
  • Newham Changemaker
  • Music Mark
  • Primary Geography Quality Mark
  • Primary Science Quality Mark
  • Autism Education Trust
  • Teach Active Ambassador
  • School Games
  • Healthy Schools
  • Artsmark Silver Award
  • Eco-Schools
  • Stonewall Education Champion
  • TES2020 Wellbeing winner
  • Pearson Gold Winner - Primary of the Year
  • Pearson Silver Award - Excellence in SEN